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Family Tree of Rob Roy MacGregor

His Descendents in North America


Robert MacGregor (1671 - 1734)



The ancestral home of the Clan Gregor was on the borders of Argylshire and Perthshire, in the wild region of the beautiful Scottish Lakes, made so noted by the poems and romances of Sir Walter Scott. As early as the year 1000 the chiefs of the Clan were seated at GlenOrchy in Argylshire, near the border of Perthshire. In the fifteenth century various branches of the clan were established, as MacGregor of Glenstrae in Argylshire, and the MacGregors of GlenLyon, of Roro, of Balquhidder and of Balhaldie in Perthshire, etc.

The earliest history of the clan is known only from traditionary legends, as is usual among all the ancient Scottish clans; but from about 1300 public records exist to establish an authentic account of the family. These traditionary legends have preserved exploits of the chiefs of the clan for a dozen generations prior to the fourteenth century; and in modern times these legends have been generally included in the published histories and pedigrees of the clan. Details of these early generations vary in the various legends and chronicles of the clan, the accounts sometimes confusing the histories of different individuals of the same name and sometimes omitting certain generations.

The earliest known actual historian of the clan was Rev. James MacGregor (born about 1475, died in 1531), vicar of Fortingal and dean of Linsmore. About 1520 he collected and transcribed into a manuscript volume of over three hundred pages many ancient Gaelic traditionary poems relating to his clan; he also compiled a valuable obituary list of Scottish notables from 1092 to 1531 which was continued by his successor at Fortingal to 1576. This latter invaluable manuscript, generally called The Chronicle of Fortingal, has many authentic records of the MacGregors from 1390, which the dean must have secured from family monuments or monastic rolls now lost.

The ancient coat-of-arms of the MacGregors is thus described heraldically: - Argent, an oak tree eradicate in bend sinister proper, surmounted by a sword in bend azure, hilted gules, on its point an antique crown gules: Crest: - a lion's head erased proper, langued gules and crowned or: Motto: -"E'en do, bait spair nocht. In more recent times have been added these Supporters: Dexter, an unicorn argent, crowned and horned or; sinister, a deer proper, tyned azure.

The earliest motto of the clan was: - "S Rioghal mo Dhream" ["My blood is Royal"]. The slogan or war cry of the clan is: - "Ard Choille" ["High Wood"] referring to a secret clan meeting place near Glen Dochart..



Pedigree of Rob Roy MacGregor


(33 Successive generations are numerically labeled at left)


1. GRIG (Pictish), Grioghair (Gaelic), or GREGOR  (English) , born about AD820, was the source and inspiration of the Clan Gregor in the ancient legends by the early bards of the clan. He was a nephew through his mother's line of  Kenneth MacAlpin, King of the Picts and Scots (who reigned 834-860) the first Scottish ruler of all Alba, as Scotland was known at that time. The name of Gregor's wife is not known. Their son:

2.DOUNGHEAL, born about AD850, was so termed from his light-brown complexion. He is mentioned in the family legends for his exploits under King Donald VI (who reigned 879-903), grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin, in protracted contests with the Danish Vikings who for a generation ravaged the western coasts of Scotland. Doungheal died about 900. His wife is termed in some early Latin chronicles, as Spontana. Their son:

3. CONSTANTINE, born about 880, was named for Constantine II, King of Scotland 864-879. According to an ancient Latin history of the Alpins, he married a kinswoman, Malvina, a daughter of Donald VI, King of Scotland 879-903. Their son:

4. GREGOR NA BRATACH, born about 915, was so called from his office of standard-bearer to Malcolm I, King of Scotland 943-954. He was killed in 954 in a battle with the Danes while serving as standard-bearer of Malcolm's army. According to an ancient Latin history of the Alpins, he married Dorviegeldum, daughter of the King's Doorward. Their son:

5. EOIN MOR MacGREGOR NA BRATACH, born about 950, is described in the ancient legends by the family bards, as a handsome man of gigantic stature and a very expert bow-man. He fought and fell as a commander under the banner of Malcolm II (King of Scotland 1005-1034), at the sanguinary battle of Monaghavard (or Monzievaird) in 1005, in which victory Malcolm won the crown by the defeat and death of his cousin Kenneth III (King of Scotland 997-1005). Eoin Mor married Alpinia, daughter of Angus, great-grandson of Cianoth the youngest brother of Kenneth MacAlpin (King of Scotland 834-860). Their son:

6.GREGOR GARBH, born about 980, the first chief of the family designated as of GlenOrchy in Argylshire. He became a warrior of distinction under Malcolm II (King of Scotland 1005-1034), serving under him in several engagements with the Danes. In his old age, when he became blind and was unable to take the field himself, he sent his clan to assist Duncan's son Malcolm in the latter's struggle with his cousin MacBETH (King of Scotland 1040-1057). On the death and defeat of MacBETH at the battle of Lumphanan in 1057, 'Malcolm won the crown of Scotland and as Malcolm III, Canmore, reigned 'from 1057 to 1093. Gregor Garbh married a daughter of Colin Campbell of Lochow (ancestor of the Earls and Dukes of Argyll). Their sons:  Eoin the Great,  Gregor the Stout.

7. EOIN (John) MacGREGOR, born about 1010, led the clan in the army of Malcolm Ill at the battle of Lumphanan in 1057, as above mentioned, his aged father being unable to take the field. A few years later he succeeded his father as Laird of Glenorchy. From his military prowess he is termed in the legendary poems by the ancient bards "Shir Eoin Borb an Cath" (Sir John Foremost in Battle). He died at a very advanced age, about 110. The name of his wife is unknown. There are discrepancies in the ancient legends concerning the next two generations of the family, whose history is obscure. His son:

8. DUNCAN A STRAILEADH, born about 1040, probably died in his father's lifetime, as in the ancient family legends he is merely mentioned as a connecting link in the pedigree. His son:

9. DUNCAN BEG, born about 1070, succeeded his grandfather as Laird of Glenorchy. He was evidently a successful raider according to one of the ancient Gaelic legends of the family by the bard MacGillindak [the Man of Songs]. The name of the wife of Duncan Beg has not been preserved. Their son:

10. MALCOLM, born about 1100, appears as Laird of Glenorchy during the reign of David 1 (1124-1153). lie led his clan in his sovereign's army which invaded England 1135-1138 to assist Matilda, Countess of Anjou, in her unsuccessful contest with Stephen for the crown of England. The Scottish forces of King David were defeated by a Norman army of King Stephen at the famous "Battle of the Standard" near Northallerton in Yorkshire, 22 August 1138.  Malcolm is said to have died about 1175. He married Marjory daughter of William Fit Duncan, Earl of Moray, who was a nephew of David I, King of Scotland, and a Commander in the royal army. Their son:

11. GILLEFEALAN (or WILLIAM), born about 1130, evidently died during his father's lifetime, according to the pedigree of the bard MacGillindak. The name of his wife is unknown. Their son:

12. EOIN (JOHN), born about 1160, succeeded his grandfather as Laird of Glenorchy. He is termed "the princely John, a Laird who never broke his pledge".  He is called Laird of Glenorchy charter dated in the 47th year of William the Lyon [1212] King of Scotland 1165-1214, and survived to advanced age. The name of his wife: is unknown. Their son:

13. DUNCAN, born about 1190, he is mentioned as "Duncan Maceio" in the early years of Alexander II (reigned 1214-1249). He died about 1229, during his father's lifetime. He married a daughter of Lindsay of Buck null the Earl of Lennox. Their son:

14. GREGOR, born about 1220. He succeeded his grandfather as Laird of Glenorchy,  Gregor was described as a  "Famed man he was in regions around the shores of Loch LULACH so bright." He accompanied" King Alexander II in this monarch's abortive expedition to obtain the Hebrides Islands from Hakkon, King of Norway, during which expedition the King died at Oban 8 July 1249. Gregor also attended with his clan King Alexander III (reigned 1249-1286) in the successful expedition against the Hebrides Islands in 1264. His death occurred in 1285. He married Marian, daughter of Gilchrist, seventh son of Alwin, second Earl of Lennox. Their son:

15. GREGOR,  born about 1250, and was killed in a raid shortly before the death of his father in 1285. The name of his wife is unknown. Their son:

16. MALCOLM, born about 1275, was heir to his grandfather at the latter's death in 1285. As "Malcolm, Laird MacGregor of Glenorchy", he was among the numerous chiefs of the Scottish clans who swore fealty to Edward I, King of England, on a roll dated at Berwick 28 August 1296. These allegiances were due to Edward's sudden conquest of Scotland in the spring of 1296, the abdication of King Baliol, and the coronation of Edward at Montrose on 10 July 1296. For nearly a score of years Scotland remained nominally under the crown of England.

Malcolm MacGregor later became an active adherent of Robert Bruce in the latter's efforts to free Scotland from English rule and fought under him at. the great and decisive battle of Bannockburn, 24 June 1314. In this famous conflict Bruce's Scottish Army of about thirty thousand men completely routed an English Army of nearly thrice that size under Edward II, thus completing the liberation of Scotland from England and securing for Bruce the crown of Scotland.

The next year Malcolm accompanied Edward Bruce, younger brother of King Robert Bruce, in an expedition into Ireland; he took part in numerous engagements, including the battle of Dundalk in October 1318 in which Edward Bruce was defeated and slain. In this battle Malcolm MacGregor was wounded so as to be permanently lame, wherefore he was termed "Morair Bachdach" or the Lame Laird. In spite of this disability he survived to advanced age.

Malcolm is the subject of several Gaelic heroic poems; but there are also several documentary evidences preserved about him to establish him as a thoroughly authentic historical character. He married Mary, daughter of Malise MacAlpin. Their son:

17. GREGOR, born about 1305, probably died in early manhood and before his father. In the ancient legends of the family he is mentioned only as a link in the line of descent, and the contemporary records are silent about him. The name of his wife is unknown. Their son:

18. JOHN CHAM MacGREGOR, born about 1335, is termed "Cham", both in contemporary records and poetic legends, on account of blindness in one eye. He succeeded his grandfather as Laird of Glenorchy. John died 19 April 1390, and was buried on the north side of the-high altar of Dysart Church". This was the ancient church of Glenorchy, and about 1810 several stone coffins of the early MacGregors of Glenorchy were exhumed from the ruins of this edifice. The name of the wife of John Cham MacGregor is unknown. Their children:

19.   JOHN DHU [Black John], b. about 1370. He settled at Stronmelochan at the north-easterly point of Lochaw near Glenstrae in Argylshire, and founded the MacGregors of Glenstrae.  John Dhu, son of John Chain the son of Gregor, died at Stronmelochan in 1415 and was buried in Dysart Church.


19. GREGOR., born about 1365, succeeded his father in 1390 as Laird of Glenorchy. In the family legends he is termed "Gregor Aluinn" [Gregor the Handsome]. According to the Chronicle of Fortingal (compiled in 1531), "Gregor MacEoin Cham [Gregor son of John, Blind of One Eye] died in Glenorchy in 1415 and was buried by the high altar in Dysart Church". He married Iric, daughter of Malcolm MacAlpin.  Their children:

20.  i.  MALCOLM, b. about 1390; succeeded his father as Laird of Glenorchy in 1415, but d. in 1420, unmarried.


20.  ii. JOHN, b. about 1395; succeeded as Laird of Glenorchy and Chief of the Clan upon the death of his brother in 1420. During his lifetime the powerful Campbells (created Earls of Argyll in 1457) and other feudal noblemen acquired from the crown an overlordship in the lands of the Clan Gregor, which the latter had possessed outright from time immemorial. In 1435 a feud between John MacGregor and the MacNabs was fought out at Chrimlarich. Whereupon Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochaw, the most powerful nobleman in Scotland, as Lord Lieutenant of Argylshire procured royal letters of fire and sword against both these clans as rebels, overwhelmed them with military force, and became feudal overlord of their lands. This John20 MacGregor d. in 1461, the last MacGregor who was Laird of Glenorchy. He left three sons whose descendants continued for several generations in Glenorchy and vicinity as restive tenants of the Earls of Argyll; while the chieftainship of the clan eventually passed to the MacGregors of Glenstrae, (as they were the only branch of the clan remaining who were not tenants on their land) who held it until 1604.

20.  iii. ARCHIBALD, b. about 1400.

20.  iv. DUNCAN, b. about 1405, progenitor of the  MacGregors of Roro.  (hyperlink) 

20. iv  DUGAL CIAR MacGREGOR, born about 1416, was youngest son of Gregor, the last MacGregor Laird of Glenorchy who died owning the ancestral lands there in free tenure and not as undertenants of the Earls of Argyll. This loss of free tenure of the family estates occurred about 1435. Dugal Ciar MacGregor was so termed from a peculiar gray color of eyes and hair. He settled in the parish of Balquhidder in Perthshire, a few miles east of Glenorchy in Argylshire the ancient home of his ancestors. He established a branch of the MacGregors which continued in Balquhidder for over three centuries and included the famous Highland freebooter Rob Roy MacGregor. The Braes of Balquhidder are located in wild and picturesque country around Loch Voil in a valley south of Ben More which rising to a height of nearly four thousand feet is one of the loftiest mountains in Scotland. The name of the wife of Dougal Ciar MacGregor is unknown. Their son:

DOUGAL CULCUERE, born about 1440, succeeded his father in Balquhidder in Perthshire. In 1493 he and his two elder sons, Gregor and John, had a fracas with a party of Maclntyres over the ownership of some cattle. For over two centuries the MacGregors of Balquhidder were a very turbulent race of free-booters, and were continually engaged with their neighbors in mutual cattle-raiding, a common occupation among the old Scottish clans. The name of the wife of Dougal Culchere is unknown. Children: GREGOR b. about 1470, JOHN b. about 1475,  WILLIAM b. about 1480.

22. GREGOR MacCUICHERE, born about 1470.  He appears with his brothers as "Gregour Dougalsoune. John Dougalsoune, and Dougalsoune"*, together with several kinsmen of the Clan Gregor as "John MacEwen MacAlester, chief of the Clan 'Gregor, and his kinsmen Duncan Bayne, Duncan Brek, Donald Patricksoune', Duncan Donaldsoune, and Gregor Patricksoune, all of the Clan Gregour" on a charter dated at Edinburgh 14 August 1527, for the institution of Donald Campbell as Abbot of Coupar in Perthshire. Fixed, surnames did not come into vogue in Scotland until after 1500. So even in the sixteenth century in Scotland, persons are often designated by simply adding to their baptismal name a patronymic or a nickname. The name of his wife is unknown.

 Their children:   i. Malcom, born about 1505. ii. Duncan. iii. Patrick:

23. MALCOM MacCULCHERE MacGREGOR , born about 1505, was denounced as a rebel and outlaw for non-appearance at a court to answer a summons, together with his brothers Duncan and Patrick and others of the Clan Gregor in Balquhidder, in a proclamation of 15 November 1523. They were declared rebels and outlaws against the peace of the Lord the King by raiding the pastures of Alexander Graham, second Earl of Monteith in Perthshire, and running off forty cattle belonging to his lordship. Glengyle, Drummiliche, Inverlochlarig, Keyletter [Caoletter], Strathyre [Strachur], Culgart and Camlea, are among the farms in Balquhidder in which Malcolm and his sons and grandsons were tenants in the sixteenth century.

On 9 March 1559, "Malcum McCoule Kair Macr'regour" and others of the Clan Gregor in Balquhidder bound themselves in fealty as tenants to Lord Cohn Campbell (later sixth Earl of Argyll) and to serve under his protection, rendering their "calpes" [tributes] in the form of horse or cow. 

He married about 1540, Findlay Glas McEantyre, who survived to very advanced age, as she is mentioned in a decree of horning dated 15 February 1589/90, as "Findlay glas Mceantyre, relic of umquhile [the deceased] Malcum MacCoulcheir in Carnlea" in Balquhidder* Their children:

24.  i.
MALCOLM, b. about 1540; is first found mentioned on 8 September 1569, when as "Malcum Mak Coulkeyer zoungar [the younger] alias McGregour" he was put to the horn (together with Gregor and John and several others of Clan Gregor) for participation in the deaths of Hugh and John Stewart in Balquhidder. They were acquitted of this charge. He occupied a farm called Innerlochlarig in the above parish. As "Malcum MacCoulquheir in Innerlochiarig" he appears on a list of 104 of the clan put to the horn 8 August 1586 on complaints of raiding; released 13 October 1586.

He also appears as "Malcolm Macdougaichere in Balquhidder" in a decree of horning dated 4 February 1589/90, listing 139 members of the Clan Gregor charged with the murder of John Drummond, forester of Glenarthy, in September 1589; a royal pardon on these charges was decreed to the clan on 4 January 1591/?. After the slaughter of the Colquhouns by the MacGregors at the battle of Glenfruin, 7 February 1602/3, Malcolm was one of the twenty-five unfortunate hostages for the chief who were executed as rebels at Edinburgh, in March 1604. Their children:

25.  ii. DOUGAL , b. about 1543; resided in Glengyle in Balquhidder; is mentioned as "Dougal MacCoulquheir MacGregor in Glengyle, brother of Malcolm" in the lists of hornings of 8 August 1586 and 4 February 1589/90.

25. iii. GREGOR DHU, b. about 1545; 'was termed "Dhu" from his black hair; is called "Gregour McCutquheir MacGregor " in the list of 104 men of the Clan Gregor put to the horn on 8 August 1586. His eldest son:

26.  MALCOLM 0IG (Callum) MacGREGOR, was b. about 1580. As "Malcolme Oig McGregour McDougall Keir" his name appears on a list of 36 of the Clan Gregor who gave bond to the Earl of Argyll as Lord Lieutenant, 22 April 1601. After the proscription of the MacGregor name on 8 April 1604, Malcolm Oig took the name of Stewart.  He married (1st) Miss MacFarlane  (Issue 3 sons).  He married (2nd) Miss MacDonald with whom he had nine sons and daughters incl. Gregor and Donald Glas, his younger son:

27.  DONALD GLAS STEWART MacGREGOR, b. about 1630, resumed his ancestral name of' MacGregor on the repeal of the proscription in 1661 Soon after this he was commissioned a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Royal Scottish army, and thereafter is generally termed "Lieut.-Col. Donald MacGregor in Glengyle". He died due to sustained torture in Tolbooth Prison in Edinburgh about 1686 at the hands of the reinstated Campbells (under William of Orange). He married Margaret Campbell in 1656.


                   i.       JOHN McCONNEL MCGREGOR, b. 1658.

                  ii.       DUNCAN MCGREGOR. (d. 1694)

                 iii.      SARAH MCGREGOR.

                 iv.       MARGARET MCGREGOR.

                  v.       ROBERT ROY MCGREGOR (ROB ROY), b. 1677.


28JOHN McCONNEL GLAS VI  born 1658 in Glengyle.  Commanded a watch in 1691. d 1700. Married (1) daughter of Drummond of Comrie who M(2) Christian (?d1720) daughter of John Campbell of Duneaves. The marriage was dated 1687.

Children of JOHN MCGREGOR and DRUMMOND are:

                  i.       GREGOR MacGREGOR, b. 1688; d. August 27, 1777.

                  ii.       DONALD MacGREGOR.

                 iii.       CATHERINE MacGREGOR.


28.  DUNCAN. Imprisoned for four months in the year 1689. Witness 4 Jan 1694. Dead by 1694 according to W. H. Murray's "RobRoy."


 28. ROBERT ROY Campbell MacGREGOR: was baptized 7 March 1671. Much has been written concerning this famous Highland freebooter. As early as 1690 he became a noted raider; and on the revival in 1693 of the proscription of the name of MacGregor, he adopted his mother's name of Campbell as a surname. He secured leases of lands between the estates of the rival noble houses of Montrose and Argyll, and for many years was active in buying and selling cattle and also in raiding whenever opportunity offered.

In the Stuart Uprising of 1715, Rob Roy led part of the Clan Gregor in the wake of the rebel army but kept his men out of the battle of Sheriffmuir and other important engagements, although they were alert to participate in any plundering. For the next ten years he was continually engaged tin depredations against the estates of the Earl of, Montrose, and although several times apprehended he always managed to escape or secure a pardon through political influence.

Many of his exploits are related by Sir Walter Scott who describes him as a large, broad-shouldered, powerfully built man of great athletic prowess, with such extraordinary length arms that when erect his wrists hung below his knees. His red hair was very thick, and frizzled and curled short around his face. He died 28 December 1734 at his house in Balquhidder, and was buried in the churchyard in that parish where his gravestone still remains.

Robert married Mary MacGregor of Comar on  Jan 1693. They had four natural sons and one adopted:  Ranald (1691), James (1694), Robin Og (1696), Coll (1698) Duncan (1700) (was an adopted relative).  Mary MacGregor was the daughter of Gregor MacGregor of Comar and unknown wife;  Gregor was the son of Gregor Og MacGregor of the Dow and his wife, Anne Buchanan.

Description of Rob's sons-

James Mohr, born 1695, was the eldest child.  He ranked as a major in the rising of "45". His valour at Prestonpas, where Prince Charles defeated Sir John Cope, was extraordinary.  It brought honour to his name. He fought at Culloden and escaped with the MacGregor Glengyle battalion.  He was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle, but escaped.  He died in Paris in great poverty in 1754 at age of 59.

Coll, born 1698, prospered, and died at Kirkton in 1745.  His grandson and great, great, grandson were both Major-Generals.  

Duncan, born 1704, lived in Strathyre under the name of Drummond.  He was tried at the High Court of Edinburgh in 1753 for helping Robin Oig, and was found not guilty.  He left no family and few details of his life are known.

Ranald, born 1706, died at the Kirkton in 1786, aged 80.

Robin Oig, born 1716, the youngest, was the black sheep of the family.  He murdered John MacLaren of Invernenty in 1736.  In 1745, he fought under the Duke of Cumberland at the battle of Fontenoy, where the English were ignominiously defeated and he was captured by the French.  He obtained his discharge, fought for the Jacobites in the "45", and married a sister of Graham of Drunkie.  She died three years later.  In 1750 he kidnapped Jean Key, aged 20, from her home and married her by force of her protests.  He was caught and hanged four years later, when he was 38.

29.  i.  JAMES MOHR  married Annabella MacNicol.   They had 13 children.

30. Elspeth: Baptized  29 March 1731. 

30. Mary (Malie):  baptized 8 March 1732 at Killin. Said to have taken Robin Oig's body after his execution. Malie is said to have married Gregor, a son of Gregor Glus Dubh. 

30. Robert: Baptized 14 Sept 1737 at Killin . His father wrote on 3 Nov1753 "My son Robbie died of ague and fever some time ago."

30. Donald: baptized  23 Nov 1739 at Killin. Must have died young. 

30. Wilielma:  baptized 01 Dec 1741.

30. James Roy:  born 1742. 

30. Helen: No dates found.

30. Gregor: baptized 24 Jan 1744 at Killin. He became a butcher in Edinburgh.

30: Ann: No dates found.

30. John: born 1749. (Not in Killin register) d 1832. May have been born in France. He married in 1796 Margaret MacGregor (1765-1844)  from Aikenway. Went to Nova Scotia, Canada. 

30. Janet: baptized 25 Aug 1750 at Killin. 

30. Patrick (or Peter): born 1751/2.

30. Donald:  born 1753.

30. William. No dates found. (May have been born in France). (Not baptized at Killin). Left Scotland in 1763/4 to live in Wooler, Northumberland. Changed his name to "Landless".

29. ii. COLL  (alias Campbell) (1698 - 1735).   married (Dec 1720) Margaret,  daughter of John Campbell McGregor in (or of?) Kerletter and Glencarnoch. Coll was a tacksman in the Kirkton of Balquhidder about the time of his father's death.  He lived with Margaret's family at Glencarnoch at first.  Seven children of Coll/Margaret:


30.  GREGORY: b: 1722. (other data unknown)

30.  KATHARINE (Kate): baptized in Balquhidder 26 Apr 1724. Died at Balquhidder 1811/12.


30.  GREGOR: lived about the braes of Balquhidder had a son, Donald.


30.  ROBERT: baptized 1731. (other data unknown)


30.  JOHN baptized 14 Dec 1732  Captain in the 60th Royal American Regiment in the American War of Independence 1775-83. He married a daughter of John MacAlpin of Edinburgh.  He was an ensign in the 42nd Regt. In 1776.  He erected  the tombstone to his father in Balquhidder churchyard on which he is called Lieut. John Gregory. On 18 June 1768 he contracted to marry Catharine Murray in Balquhidder parish. m(2) `'an English lady'.


30.  DUNCAN married a daughter of John MacAlpine of Edinburgh. Became a general in the East India Co. service in India.  No issue known.


30.  ANNA baptized in Balquhidder 23 May 1735.


29.  iii. RANALD (1706 - 1786) married (first) Janet (Jean) MacGregor  in 1733, daughter of Gregor Ghlun Dubh MacGregor VII of Glengyle.    -  married (second) to Mary daughter of Hamilton of Bardowie.  Issue: total of eight children. The five children of Ranald and Janet were:


30.  Gregor, alias James Graham. b 1741. d 1799 at Greenock. Went to sea. Became a ship's captain in the West Indian trade.  He married his first wife, Mary, daughter of Hamilton, Duke of Bardowie in 1708. He also contacted another marriage in Scotland.  In Jamaica, he may have become the father of a female child borne by Isabella, Princess of Diabenti.  


30.  Donald, (Gailach) b 29.1.1750 (?) married 1814. An innkeeper at Balquhidder, buried there beside the grave of Rob Roy. His funeral in Balquhidder was remembered as late as 1864 as the best since Rob Roy's. 


30. Malcolm, (Imbecile), d c1800.


30. James, b 19 Nov 1755, married Mary Ferguson.   Their children; Ronald and Janet were bapt in Balquhidder 19 Nov 1755, but his children.


30. John, bapt Balquhidder 19April 1740.


The three children of Ranald and Mary Hamilton were:


30. Jean, married Alexander McGregor of Rannoch.  He took the family to Nova Scotia, Canada. 


30. Mary born 18 March 1747.


30. Catherine, born 15 May 1759.

29.  iv. ROBIN OIG (1716 - 1754); Hanged perhaps unjustly for the alleged abduction of Jean Keay. One illegitimate son: Colin, who had two sons: James and DonaldThe two brothers were hotel keepers. James bought Glengyle in 1855 or 1860, and Donald lived in Edinburgh.


  A line from James Mohr that came to Canada


(Beginning of the North American family)


30 JOHN (son of James Mohr and Annabella) b: 1745 - d: 16 Feb 1832.  John was born in the parish of Muthill, near Crieff, Perth-shire.  He was christened on 13 Oct 1765 in Dundurcus, Moray-shire, Scotland.  John came to PEI in 1767 with Sir James Montgomery, returned to Scotland to help close up Montgomery's affairs and then returned on the ship Falmouth in 1770.

John was a Private in Her Majesty's 1st battalion of the 42nd Regiment of Foot "better known as the "Black Watch". He served in that regiment during the American War for Independence and was regularly discharged and came to PEI to claim land for settlement.


In PEI, he was a Weaver, Farmer and Surveyor.  He married Margaret  on 25 Mar 1790 at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Charlottetown, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She was born 1765, and died 1844.  John died at Brackley Point, Queens County, PEI on 16 Feb 1832.  

 Their descendents in North America:


31.  i.  J
ENNET b: 04 April 1792 in Covehead, PEI.  Died 01 Oct 1864.  She married Duncan MacEwen. He was born in NR Muthill, Perthshire Scotland, and died Unknown.  Their child:

32.  EDWARD  b. 08 Mar 1814, PEI; d. Unknown.


31.  ii. MARGARET b: 1794 at Charlottetown, PEI. Died about 1830 in Charlottetown, PEI.  She married an unknown MacGregor, who was an Officer in the British Army during the Peninsular War in Spain.  (No children.)


31.  iii. JAMES b: 1797, Covehead, PEI; d: 1874 He married Jane Brown in 1821. She was born 1798 in PEI, and died January 22, 1881.  James was a ship carpenter  Jane and James spoke Gaelic in the household. That died out in the next generation.  Their children:

32. i.  MARGARET, b. 07 Feb 1822, PEI; d. Aft. 1895.   She married Charles Heartz . He was born 1818 in PEI, and died 1897.  He was a Mason and a grocer.  Their children:



33. i. ELIZABETH JANE, b. 07 Dec 1842; d. Unknown.

33. ii. JAMES HENRY, b. 20 Aug 1844; d. Unknown.

33. iii. CHARLES, b. 21 Dec 1846; d. Unknown.

33. iv. ANNIE, b. 23 Jan 1848; d. Unknown.

33. v. WILLIAM, b. 24 Nov 1850; d. Unknown.

33. vi. MARGARET, b. 15 Aug 1852; d. Unknown.

33. vii. MARY, b. 07 Apr 1854; d. 1860.

33. viii. JOHN, b. 27 Dec 1855; d. Unknown.

33. ix. HATTIE, b. 11 Nov 1857; d. 1860.

33. x. ELLEN d. Unknown.

33. xi. DAVID LAWSON, b. 01 Dec 1862; d. Unknown.

33. xii. FREDERICK; b. 28 Aug 1865; d. Unknown.

32. ii. ANNABELLA,. 21 Dec 1823; d. Unknown.  She married John Miller in January of 1845. He was born 1819, and died 1880.  He was a farmer and a ship builder.  Their children:


33. i. ALEXANDER, b. 1867, PEI; d. 1915, Butte Montana; He married Sabina Emma Powe, 23 Sep 1883; b. Unknown; d. 1935.


32. iii. CHARLES RUSSELL Lussell, b. 21 Sep 1825; d. Unknown; He married Hestor Ann Gregory, 1859, New York City; b. 1839; d. 1899, New York City. (Their family is unknown)


32. iv. DAVID LAWSON, b. 05 Sep 1827; d. 19 May 1895; He married Emily Wakefield 16 Nov 1857; b. 11 Aug 1834; d. January 05, 1913.


32. v. MARY, b. 29 Sep 1829; d. 09 May 1859; She married  Joseph Robinson 21 Sep 1854; b. 17 Sep 1810; d. 18 Nov 1889, Brackley Pt. PEI.  Joseph Robinson was a ship carpenter.


32. vi. JOHN, b. 25 Dec 1831; d. 12 July 1878; He married Amelia Alexia Aldwell Doyle 01 April 1856; b. April 01, 1836; d. 29 July  1918.


32. vii. JAMES NELSON; b. 13 Dec 1834; d. 21 Aug 1892. He married (1) Grace MacCallum 16 Jul 1877.  She was born 1857, and died 1929. He married (2) Mary Ann Carr Unknown. She was born 1843, and died 1874.  Child of James McGregor/Grace MacCallum: 

33.  Mary Charlotte (data unknown)



32. viii. Helen; b: 11 May 1836; d 18 Oct 1893.  She married John Addington Chandler, b: 1835, d: 1906. Helen was  a twin.


32. ix. William; b. 11 May 1836; William was a twin and he died in infancy.


32. x. Edward;  b. 15 July 1839; d. Unknown. He died in infancy.

32. xi. Eliza Jane; b. 28 Jan 1843; d. 1922; She married Benjamin Toombs 28 Mar 1864, Charlottetown PEI; b. 1845, Rustico PEI; d. Unknown.  They had eight unknown children.


31. iv  John b: 1802 at Rustico, Kings County, PEI.  Died 19 Nov 1879 at New Perth, Kings County , PEI.  John married Elizabeth Bovyer, daughter of Samuel Bovyer and Anne Lawson,  about 1858.   She was born November 07, 1806 in Paris France, and died 12 Aug 1851. He married (2) Elizabeth Brown 1856 in PEI, daughter of James Brown and Mary Smallwood.  She was born 1830, and died Unknown.  John built the 93 ton Antelope and the Schooner Angler of 45 tons.   Children of John McGregor and Elizbeth Bovyer:


32. i.  William b: 1829 at Black River, PEI

32. ii. Mary Ann  b:  1831 at Black River, PEI.  She married in USA and  lived in Moscow ID.

32. iii. Samuel  b:  1833 at Black River, PEI died 1850 at Brackley Point, PEI. 

32. iv. Margaret b:  1834 at Black River, PEI

32. v. James b:  1836 at Black River, PEI

32. vi George b:  1837 at Black River, PEI.  He married Margaret Rodd of Moscow ID.

32. vii Henry b:  07 July 1839 at Black River, PEI.  Died 08 Aug 1926 in Moscow, ID.

32.viii Jane b:  08 May 1841 at Black River, PEI. d: 18 Feb 1916, Vancouver, BC.  She married Isaac Foster  Nov 1860. He was born 1833 in PEI, and died 16 Nov 1916 in Vancouver BC.  Their children:

33. i. William H , d. Unknown.

33. ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1861; d. 1941; She married John Poole; (data unknown). 

33. iii. David Lawson, b. 1862; d. 1933.

33. iv. Emma Jane, b. 1866; d. 1953; She married James Spevir; (data unknown). 

33. v. James, b. 1868; d. 1868.

33. vi. Margaret, b. 1872; d. 1931; m. Thomas Phillips;  (data unknown). 

33. vii. Matilda, b. 1874; d. 1898.

33. viii. Horace Bayfield, b. 1875; d. 1953.

33. ix. John, b. 1879; d. 1906.

33. x. James Garfield; b. 1881; d. 1942.

33. xi. Ida Isabel, b. 1884; d. 1963; She married Fred Parker; (data unknown). 


30. ix Alexander b:  1844 at Black River, PEI. Died 27 Sep 1941 at Collfax, Whitman, WA.

30. x. Joanna Elizabeth b: 06 Mar 1850 in PEI. Died 27 Sep 1941 at Spokane, WA.

30. xi Matilda Blanche b:  12 Aug 1851 at Black River, PEI.  Died 30 Oct 1945 in Boston, MA.
She married William Henry Brown 14 Oct 1873.  He died after 1927.  She was a teacher.  He was a carpenter.  Their child:


31. Eddison Willie b. 23 Nov 1874, Little York, PEI; d. Unknown.


Children of John McGregor/Elizabeth Brown:


30. xii. Francis (Frank), b. Unknown; d. Unknown.   He married Ellen McKenna in PEI. She was born 1867 in Hope River PEI, and died 29 Sep 1953 in Charlottetown PEI.  Ellen worked for the railroad in the 1920's cleaning passenger cars.   Their children:


31. i. William Francis, b. 1900, Charlottetown PEI; d. 1961, Charlottetown PEI; He married Annie Sarah Lund; b. 1903, Afton Road Tracadie Cross PEI; d. 1995, Charlottetown PEI.

31. ii. Annie, b. 1901; d. 21 Sep 1992, Beach Grove Home PEI; m. William Walsh, (data unknown). 

31. iii. Violet, She married Charles Boisner: , She was a twin to Walter.  (data unknown). 

31. iv. Walter, He married Alice, of New Glasgow, NS;  He was a twin to Violet. (data unknown). 

31. v. Aggie, (data unknown). 


30. xiii. Willis; (data unknown).

30. xiv. Collin; (data unknown).

30. xv. Walter; (data unknown).  

30. xvi. Charles; He married Emma Victor. (data unknown).    Their children:


31. i. Reginald,  He married Winifred Talman; (data unknown).

31. ii. Charles,  He married Rita Molyneaux; (data unknown).

31. iii. Margaret, (data unknown).

31. iv. Mildred,  She married Joseph |Haley of Truro NS; 

31. v. Eleanor,  She married Barney MacDonald.  (data unknown).



30. xvii. Margaret;  She died at a young age. (data unknown). 



Another line from Ranald which came to Canada.


1. Rob Roy MacGregor of Glengyle and his wife, (nee Mary MacGregor of Comar) his 2nd cousin once removed. Rob Roy and Mary MacGregor's son:

2. Ranald MacGregor and his wife, (nee Jean MacGregor), grand niece of Ranald's father, Rob Roy MacGregor.  (Jean's paternal grandfather was John MacGregor VI of Glengyle brother of Rob Roy MacGregor, and her father was Gregor Glun Dubh MacGregor VII of Glengyle.)  Jean was Ranald's 1st cousin once removed. Their daughter:


3. Janet MacGregor married Alexander MacGregor of Rannoch, who took the family to Nova Scotia, Canada.  Alexander was the paternal grandson of Black Duncan MacGregor of the Moon, latter V (5th) in Learagan (Learagan on the north shore of Loch Rannoch) whose 2nd wife was Mary Robertson of the now abandoned tiny village of Bohespic near Loch Rannoch, Perthshire. (Alexander's parents were a Hugh MacGregor and a Miss Campbell.)  Their daughter:


4. Margaret MacGregor married Donald Ruadh MacGregor, also called Hugh Donald MacGregor by his wife's  relatives in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Their son:

5. Baptist Deacon Donald MacGregor, also called "New Donald" by his mother's MacGregor relatives in Nova Scotia, he was born in Loch Rannoch around 1804 or 1806, converted, unlike his parents,  to become a Baptist in Loch Rannoch at age 16, before coming to Nova Scotia later in 1832.  (There was a Highland Clearance in Loch Rannoch in 1831!)  He married someone also from Loch Rannoch.  About 1838 or 1839 he made another trip from Nova Scotia by boat back to Red Point, Prince Edward Island, Canada, near the town of Souris, PEI, to marry Elizabeth, called Betsy, Stewart, daughter of John Stewart and wife nee Margaret Stewart, all from Loch Rannoch, Perthshire originally.  They spent the rest of their lives in South River Lake, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.  Antigonish County is a tremendously heavy Scottish-settled county in Nova Scotia.  Much of it is Roman Catholic Scottish descendants.  They had about 10 children.
Their son:


6. Rev. Peter Stewart MacGregor (he originally spelled it McGregor, and they changed it to Mac in the 19th century, as many did!).  Peter, or Stewart as his wife called him, grew up speaking Gaelic in Nova Scotia.  Peter married Elizabeth Maria Hatfield, called Bessie, youngest of 8 children of Jacob Hatfield IV of Tusket, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia,  and his wife, Eleanor Jane MacKinnon called Jane, latter the granddaughter of Lt. Col. Ranald MacKinnon of the Royal Highland Emigrants and previously an ensign and lieutenant of the Montgomrie Highlanders 77th Regiment of Foot, a Scottish immigrant from the Isle of Mull, Argyle, Scotland, to settle in Argyle, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Col. Ranald MacKinnon's paternal grandfather was Lauchlan MacKinnon, 28th Chief of Clan MacKinnon, married to his 2nd wife, Moir MacLeod, granddaughter of The MacLeod Chief, Sir Roderick Ruairidh Mor MacLeod.
Their son:


7. Dr. Judson Stewart MacGregor, born in the Baptist parsonage 12 August 1883, New Glasgow, Pictou County, Nova Scotia.  He married Gladys Burton Allen, born 21 June 1902 in Baptist parsonage Rock Village, Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA.  Gladys's parents, Rev. Charles Wesley Allen, also a Baptist minister, and Malinda Burton were both born in Nova Scotia.  Malinda Burton was born in Margaree, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, which is also heavily settled by Scottish immigrants.

Judson and Gladys's daughter:


8. Rosamond Jean MacGregor, (Mrs. Jack Edward Simon), born 6 March 1936 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.   We have 3 sons, Frank Stewart Simon,  married to Dena Rene Gordon; Donald Standish Simon married to Amy Elizabeth Storey; and youngest son Douglas Louis Simon.
Summarized below:
Rob Roy MacGregor md. Mary MacGregor
Ranald MacGregor md. Jean MacGregor
Janet MacGregor md. Alexander MacGregor
Margaret MacGregor md. Donald Ruadh MacGregor
Baptist Deacon Donald MacGregor md. Elizabeth Stewart
Rev. Peter Stewart MacGregor md. Elizabeth Maria Hatfield
Dr. Judson Stewart MacGregor md. Gladys Burton Allen
Rosamond Jean MacGregor md. Jack Edward Simon


The above family line was contributed with many thanks by Jean (MacGregor) Simon .